A "safety culture" doesn't just happen.  Companies that plan safety into every aspect of the projects and then maintain accountability for the execution of those plans are the companies which truly have the success of a "safety culture".


Safety awareness and environmental consciousness requires a vigilant workforce.  IMAC is committed to providing training that creates alert personnel who are encouraged to participate in our safety, health and environmental programs.  Safety huddles, meetings, and job box talks are designed to be proactively involved in preventing, identifying and correcting actual and potential, safety or environmental challenges.  Safety can only be accomplished by our combined efforts.

Safety, like construction, requires a stable foundation.  We have built that foundation with the leadership of our management and supervision, utilizing an open dialog with our clients and employees.  It is IMAC's primary goal on every project to eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses along with equipment or property damage.  IMAC believes that there is NO project, task or endeavor which is worth compromising the health or welfare of a single individual.


IMAC fully understands that safety for our employees and those with whom we work would not be complete without maintaining a clean environment.  We work diligently to ensure that our work practices and procedures keep the environment protected and secure for today and the future.

IMAC has policies, procedures and programs dedicated to providing the safest work place possible:

• safety meetings & safety committee drug & alcohol testing

• substance abuse program

• skills testing & training

• site specific safety plan

• safety audits

• accident & near miss investigation

• employee orientation

• hearing conservation program

• respiratory protection program

• asbestos program

• lead abatement program

• fresh air training

• fall protection program

• critical lift program




We have a commitment to QUALITY which equals our commitment to SAFETY.  Both are required to manage and complete a successful project.  IMAC is a company that utilizes accountability to maintain commitment to quality.  From IMAC's president, Art Mantei, down to our staff and craftsmen, mutual accountability is the key to our SAFETY and QUALITY programs.  IMAC uses established policies and procedures to ensure a safe work site and maintain the quality our clients demand.  Open communication between IMAC management, the client, supervisors and employees is a critical process that is required to perform quality work.


IMAC focuses on following control procedures, dictated by the work scope that prevent errors from occurring, followed by proper testing and inspection, for assurance in the quality of the finished product.  Whether your project is a Design-Build or a Routine Maintenance, we plan quality into the project, then put that plan into action.  IMAC maintains over 100 approved weld procedure specifications for a wide variety of applications and will provide research and development of weld procedures that handle your specific project needs.  IMAC's code welding is achieved through the procedure and specifications required by the R stamp certified under the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.