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IMAC is a versatile contractor specializing in heavy industrial construction and maintenance.

From installation and repair, to insulation, alteration, plant relocation, civil work, and management services, we offer you one source for all your construction needs.

Since 1982, IMAC has been providing innovative maintenance, repair and management solutions for petroleum, chemical, grain and food processing plants, heavy industrial sites and manufacturing facilities.

We consistently staff crews of 50 to 350 employees for planned, as well as emergency services, utilizing local labor resources and supplementing as necessary.

Industries Served

• Asphalt
• Chemical
• Concrete
• Marine
• Mining
• Petroleum
• CO2 Plants
• Paper Mills
• Food Processing
• Port Facilities
• High Tech Facilities
• Education Facilities
• Housing Authorities
• Goverment & Local Municipalities

Our Clients

• PSE                                                   
• Paccar
• Conoco
• Praxair
• Texaco
• U.S. Navy
• Stella Jones
• Shell Oil
• Lafarge Cement
• Ingersoll-Rand
• IKO Pacific
• Interbake Foods
• Ash Grove Cement
• Fisher Mills Foods
• Tosco Refining Company
• Koma Kulshen Hydro Electric

Why Choose IMAC

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency to our customers. Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of technology and continue to strive for an ever-improving work force. As a result, our customers receive the maximum benefit from the dollars they spend on our services.